we had the facts, but then we lost them.

2016-08-27 // 10:48 p.m.

So...isn't funny to come back here..a decade (or more) later?
I used to have a tumblr. But haven't really been there much.
So why go back here?
Maybe because the internet is regressing to memes. Less substantial connections.."Please read me, to validate me, pay my bills, buy this or that. Look at what I'm buying. Look at the 15 layes of makeup I put on my face." (This summer, I stopped wearing makeup. Well, I had a blood vessel burst in my eye this summer, so ixnay on the ascaramay.)

I'll be honest. I was here before some miserable things happened and it's taken time to get back here. To me again. Authentic. Just jot some things down.

I like this site for a couple reasons. Maybe ill divulge in that later.
I'm in my 30's.
But I have two sons...and they are awesome, healthy, and I'm happy.
I'm a single mom, who prefers just being called a mom. Forget dating.
I love to travel and hike. I don't drink, I like my liver. And I've ran two marathons..hopefully another one this year.

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